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Are you giving up, or are you giving in?

A little secret about me, I just started doing home yoga practice again. Truth is cancer, surgeries and the subsequent literal remodel of muscles during breast reconstruction have left me so very stiff and I’ve lost most my flexibility. Doing yoga each morning reminds me of trauma, and reminds my body of trauma. It reminds me that my old normal is gone.

As I was twisting myself best I could into one of the pretzel poses (eagle) I could barely hold balance. My brain was encouraging me to spare myself the mental, physical and emotional memories and do something else. Pressing through the self embarrassment and into another pose, my body was screaming at me as muscles that were far too tight began making their discomfort known. It was here I realized I had a decision to make - either to give up or to give in and forge ahead.

How many time a day are we in this position of choosing to accept what is currently comfortable at the risk of loss of growth? When we face something difficult or emotional, we often feel like tossing in the towel, giving up and avoiding that momentary discomfort but in doing so, we also lose the reward for our efforts.

Instead of visualizing my pain, the stiffness or the things that have brought me here, I visualize when my body flowed more easily. I visualize times in the past where my body flowed and where flexibility was attained easily. I think ahead, with excitement about feeling that strength and flexibility again. I give in. I surrender in this moment for the gains I know are coming.

The yoga practice I’ve chosen for flexibility is 30 minutes. I split it up and do half each morning after meditation. It’s not about powering through to check a completion box, it’s about honoring self and body. It’s about stepping into this next phase of strength, growth and healing.

So often, things in life can leave you feeling like your being towed out to sea by a riptide and that you’ve no control. This is where we face the choice, to give up... which in the case of a rip tide means for a terrible outcome, or... we give in, we allow ourselves to breath, follow the tide, and swim.

Tammey’s Toolbox:

  • Set a time limit

  • Set an attainable goal

  • Identify your desired outcomes

  • Accept your best effort, and realize that tomorrow’s best will surpass what was your best today


About Tammey: Tammey Grable-Newton is an executive level consultant, powerful speaker and inspired author who guides others to embrace their experiences and create purpose from pain.  As a proven change agent, she has helped many organizations transition to new levels and make the necessary culture shifts that have resulted in improved workflow, a more positive and successful work environment and expanded reach. After completing her MBA at the University of Washington, Tammey was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic breast cancer. Tammey transitioned from her elite, corporate positions to a career of passion, purpose and reach.  As a remarkable professional and motivational speaker, Tammey shares her stories, lessons and perspectives with humor, candor and empathy.  Whether speaking with the board, staff, funding entities, media or the public in general, she leaves audiences inspired and with tools to achieve. 

About Taniant: Taniant is a consulting company with a passion for pairing the heart of non-profit and public sector with established business methodology for greater organizational success. Taniant can help your organization with reach new levels of success in grant writing, fund development, volunteer mobilization, community partnerships, strategic planning, operational management, process development, project management and budgeting.

Your passion is her passion and Tammey can’t wait to help you IGNITE your goals.

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