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Customized services to meet your unique needs


You are not one size fits all, and neither are your consulting needs.  At TANIANT, our focus is on you and your success.  We simplify the complex and leave you with solid process to maintain and sustain your growth. 

We work with entrepreneurs and small businesses in all stages of growth.  A few examples of common consulting requests:

  • Ideation, creation and launch

  • Business strategy planning

  • Marketing and communications

  • Sales operations and compensation

  • Branding

  • Finance and operations

  • Social media planning and management

  • Website redesign

  • Copy writing and content creation

We work hourly or on a fixed fee project basis so that we can flex to meet your unique needs. 

Don't put off getting the help you need to grow.  Contact us today to see how we can help you ignite your business.


Hourly Consulting

Hey, I get it.   Everyone has different business needs, and sometimes as an entrepreneur you just need a sounding board - not a long term commitment.


Hourly consulting let's us keep it flexible.  Maybe an hour is all you need, maybe two.  I hear you.  At checkout, you simply choose the number of hours based on your needs.


Looking forward to the opportunity to working with you.  You're not alone, and your breakthrough is waiting.


Hourly Rate

90 Days of Growth

A structured 90 day plan to business growth.  It includes updated sales and marketing plans, advertising recommendations and a public relations plan to gain additional exposure and position you as the expert you are in your industry.

Stand out and experience the growth you desire.


3 Payments of $1,899

CEO Vision Mapping

This 90 minute investment will explore your vision as a CEO and business owner.  In this session we will walk through the "why" behind your business, identify any blocks, look for opportunities, review the impacts of your business in all areas of your life as well as begin the process of vision mapping your one, five & ten year goals and begin action planning. 

BONUS: this also includes a FREE business assessment, with everything packaged into a beautiful deliverable that is emailed to you. 


One Time Fee

Custom Project

Looking for project support?  Whether you need full project support, or are looking to give your on-site staff and talent an assist, I hear you.  For some people it is a strategic communications plan, for others it is marketing strategy, others just need some policies and procedures put in place.  Whatever your needs, let's talk and see how I can assist you and your team to get it done!  


Based on Project/Need

8 Weeks to Launch

This unique offering that includes 8 weeks of structure to take you from idea to business launch.  Utilizing clearly defined and measurable objectives, this program is for anyone looking to launch a new business, or new service line.

Using a private project management tool we track progress as we walk through the steps that take you from ideation to manifestation of your dream business.

Step into your power and step away from dependence on traditional avenues of income - you are CEO.


2 Payments of 1,988.50

Have a Question?

Not sure where to start, or have a question?  No problem!  Give me a call, drop a text, send an email or schedule a video call and let's see how we can move you to your next level, together.



This call is on me 

Custom Quote

Hey, we know that you are not one size fits all and that you have in house talent.  Sometimes you just need a little help getting to that next level.  That's cool.  That is why we flex to your needs and look beyond pre-packaged services.


Give us a call, drop a text, send us an email or schedule a video call and let's see how we can move you to your next level - together.