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Tammey talks with Heather Cameron on her podcast about Passion, Purpose and Reach – RFM048

In this episode of the Ready for More Podcast, Tammey talks with Heather Cameron about her transition from executive corporate and non-profit positions to a business of passion, purpose and reach. Tammey shares her journey of discovery as a breast cancer survivor and the rewards and challenges of starting her own business.

“People say time is money. Time is not money, time is your life.” – Tammey Grable-Newton

  • 2:00 Tammey’s journey from high tech, to non profit, to politics, to entrepreneurship and dealing with breast cancer.

  • 5:43 Transition from corporate to entrepreneurship – Learning to reach out for support. From scarcity into abundance

  • 9:50 You get to choose, you don’t have to work with someone you don’t want to work with.

  • 15:00 Non profits need to implement best business practices

  • 17:19 Best things about running your own business is freedom, your time is yours to use and the ability to create.

  • 20:36 There is nothing like making money you made yourself

  • 21:55 Daily discipline and audit in your business

  • 23:05 You should be paid for the value you give and your knowledge. Don’t give it away for free.

  • 28:25 The support and technology available today make it easy to establish and manage a business.

  • 35:25 Listen to yourself and do what is right for you.

  • 38:20 The power of nature to recharge your batteries and inspire.

  • 43:00 Tammey’s business focus of non profit support, accountability, her upcoming book on breast cancer and motivational speaking.

  • 47:20 Learn more about Tammey and her services

  • 49:08 Tammey’s favourite quotes

  • 50:35 Tammey’s parting message: “Don’t wait. Don’t wait to follow your dreams. Act on that great idea you have or you’ve been sitting on. Act now!”

You will find Heather online at and can listen to her popular podcast, Ready for More on her website, or subscribe with your favorite app using the following address:

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