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Business Names Guide | The Importance & "How To" for Naming Your Business

Is your brand name important for your business? This is a common question asked by every new business owner. Well, of course, it is!

A business’s name is an image that you are sketching. It’s the very first thing that your customers or clients meet before considering your product or service.

Naming your business used to be a time-consuming process, but with the advancement of technology and tools like business name generators, you can easily find some interesting names for your business.

But before that, you definitely should know some principles and importance of naming your business, right?

Suppose, Annie goes to do some shopping for her wedding anniversary. She visits a total of 5 shops in the market. She comes home & shows the things she has brought home. Someone asks about the things she has bought. Now, how is she going to put it?

She isn’t going to put it, “This dress comes from the shop which is in 5th street of Market in upper corner & 7th in the row from the right side” OR “The service of the THAT shop in the middle of the Market is so much customer friendly that you’ll want to go again”

Sounds complex, right? She isn’t going to say it. She is going to sum-up all her stories in one name, a business name!

This is where your business name matters a lot because it makes the word of mouth marketing so easy for you.

And it’s definitely a plus point for you if your business name is creative and catches the eye of the audience.

Here I’ve summarized a few major reasons that will give you an overview of the significance of brand names:


If you are thinking to stick any name related to your niche to your business without thinking of its consequences, in the long run, you might be making a mistake. Names possess strong power. Underestimating it would be a mistake. Business names not only influence customers. But it’ll also affect your workforce as well. They need to know they are working for something that is meaningful.


Names are the first impressions of your business. You can consider them as a ‘first handshake’ that tells a lot about your business’s personality. Your name is a head start. It’s important to choose a business name that defines who you are, what you sell & help to impress other opportunities in the future.


If you are going to make your business stand out in the long, then you definitely should invest some time in your brand name. Names aren’t just a logo with stylish text. But they communicate with the customers, in realtime!

Names are the message that tells the mission of your business. Banks often want to communicate an air of conservatism and prudence, while theme parks want to communicate an air of fun and enjoyment. Their names should be fit for the services they offer inside their buildings.


Remember the example I gave about Annie? Here comes another one. What if Annie loves your brand & tries to remember your name but it is so complicated that she can’t catch the words so she just skips it.

Later on, she could suggest someone else visit your shop but because of the complexity in your name, she couldn’t remember it. She tried to find you on the internet only to meet with failure.

What did you lose here? A good number of potential customers!