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Launch Your Vision Summit 2020 Logo_edit

January 20 - 23, 2020

We are so excited that you are interested in learning more about participating in the
Launch Your Vision Summit 2020. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

What is it?

  • The Launch Your Vision Summit 2020 (LYV 2020) is virtual conference providing training, tools and techniques from select proven experts.  The goal is to provide valuable content.

Who are you targeting?

  • This event is targeted toward the entrepreneur who has not launched their business, is within their first year of business, or is looking to up-level and scale their business.

How will the event and speakers be promoted?

  • The LYV Summit 2020 team will be running targeted social media ads

  • Each Speaker will be sharing and promoting the event via their social media channels and email lists

  • Social Sharing will be encouraged for registrants with giveaways that Speakers are encouraged (but not required) to participate in by providing a prize award. This could be anything from a eBook, a physical book, hat, mug, etc.  

  • The LYV Summit 2020 team will also be encouraging social media lives with speakers to help with promotion 

As a speaker, how can I maximize my participation?

  • Take advantage of being an Affiliate (see below)

  • Be sure to take advantage of the social sharing tools provided in the Summit platform

  • Consider a "perk" or giveaway for attendees to your talk (the Summit platform will track attendees and can randomly select the winner(s) for you.

  • Consider a "perk" or giveaway that is open to all conference attendees who receive entries for social sharing (the Summit platform will track and randomly select winners)

  • Announce it to your email subscribers

What is the format for my talk?

There are two formats available for your 30-60 minute talk:  

  1. We can work with you on questions to help provide prompts and present your talk in an informational dialogue.  The LYV Summit 2020 Hosts will provide an introduction and close, and work with you on the questions you would like to be asked.

  2. The LYV Summit 2020 Hosts will provide an introduction and close, and then mute themselves as you deliver your talk, slides are welcome.

Can I have a copy of my presentation?

  • Absolutely

Can I interact with attendees while my talk is "live?"

  • We do not have this feature at this time.  If you would like to have a live Q&A, we will host that in the LYV Summit 2020 Facebook Group using Zoom.  Attendees would be able to ask questions via Zoom chat or in the Facebook Group.  Your LYV Summit 2020 Hosts will moderate.

Can I offer a giveaway, a discount, a product or service offer?

  • You sure can!  We encourage it!

Will tickets be sold?

  • The live talks are FREE, and a free 28 hour replay is included in the free pass

  • An All-Access Pass and a VIP Pass are also available

  • Early bird discount is available until the start of the LYV Summit 2020 with prices increasing during the event, and again after the event.  All Access and VIP provide access to content for one year.

Is there an affiliate program?

  • So glad you asked!  Yes!  We are offering our Speakers 40% affiliate participation for tickets sold through their referrals.  Your speaker dashboard will provide the information on referrals and tickets purchased, and it is all tracked by the system for full transparency.  Yay technology!

How do I participate?

Great question!  If you would like to be considered as one of our 20 speakers, please complete the information below and we will be in touch to schedule a time to talk with you about your topic.

Tell Us About Your Proposed Talk

Thanks for submitting your interest in being a speaker at the Launch Your Vision Summit 2020! We are looking forward to talking with you!!

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