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It's New Year's day, and I am sure many of you are ready to hear (or read) an inspiring post about "A New Year - A New You!" Nope, not here. Instead, let's talk about how we can make 2019 a year of living intentionally, loving intentionally and how it all starts with loving the you that you are with.

I am sure you have heard it before, don't compare yourself to others. Invariably you are comparing your worst or a weakness to someone else's success and/or strength. As your coach, I am here for some real talk - you know better than that.

Now, I am not saying forgo the New Year's tradition of resolutions if that is your thing. However, let's talk about setting goals for the new year based on your loves and your desires, not based on obligations or societal expectations. Let's talk about setting goals for 2019 that you can keep and will add to your list of wins.

So, research says that only 1 in 10 of us will keep our resolutions. Yikes! Here are my top 10 tips for a successful goal/resolution:

1. Identify your goals/resolutions, and make a list.

It is important to write these out as we walk through the exercise.

2. What is your why? This is so important. Let's use weight loss as the example. If you want to lose weight, how much do you want to lose and why do you want to lose it? Is this a goal your healthcare provider set? Is this a goal that feels like a societal expectation? Is this a goal that feels like an obligation? Is this a goal that you truly embrace as your own, as something you want to do, for you, because of love for yourself? These questions apply to any goal/resolution really. What is your why?

3. Is this goal/resolution my own?

Do you live a life of pasta and rice and have decided to go Keto? Is this goal/resolution really your own? Is it something you deep down want to do, or is a means to an end? That end should be the goal/resolution. If this is you, update your list.

4. Breaking it down.

This is critical. Once you have selected your goals/resolution, it is time to break it down. Otherwise, you will be stunned at how quickly 1/12th of the year will fly by... before you know it... it is February and then June... and then you next new year's resolution.... So, what steps throughout the year will you be making to ensure you hit the goal in the 365 days/52 weeks/12 months that you have ahead of you.

5. Realistic expectations. Is it the goal too much, too fast?

For example, do you want to do 25 squats every other day... but can't right now. Break it down... how about 5 or 10 while brushing your teeth? For success, you need to have wins, having goals that leave you feeling like it is unattainable or like you are "failing" will not serve you, or set up for success.

5. Putting systems in place to set up your success.

Systems are critical. Whatever you goal... what tools, systems and measurements will you use to stay on track? I use my paper planner and apps to keep me on track and help me to see progress. Taking courses/classes can provide camaraderie and structure needed for building new habits and seeing success.

6. Map it out in your calendar.

Will you take the time you schedule for yourself as seriously as the time you schedule for everyone else? Do you have the time to do all the goals on your list? Have you worked through the logistics? Have you scheduled it? This is one of the best ways to show love for the "you" that you are with.

6. Review and revise.

Review and revise the list. Is what you plan to do, something attainable for you, something lovingly selected by you for you?

7. Now cut the list in half (or down to no more than 3 items).

Ok, so you have decided that you are going to learn to speak Icelandic, run a marathon, become a pastry chef, learn to play guitar, exercise daily, have an amazing organic garden, start composting, meditate daily, stay ahead of laundry, start a podcast, volunteer for the kids classes and lose X amount of pounds. You visualize the end results and YOU ARE PSYCHED! step back. What are your top 1-3 passions on your list? Let's select those and start with no more than 3 items.

8. Review and revise part two.

Identify your three or less, and revise your list.

9. Launch, and find an accountability partner.

Ok, you have worked through the list. You have your goals and you have your plan, so now it is important to go public with people who support you and to find an accountability partner. Someone you can check in with that will encourage you and love you to success. It is important that this person is a cheerleader but that it is not someone that you commiserate with on bad days (you know there will be bad days right?). Many people find having a coach helps them to hit their goals. Carefully select this person, don't choose a sedentary partner or someone who will bring you down.

10. Celebrate along the way!

What does celebration mean to you? Identify milestones and celebrate successes along the way. For some people there is great satisfaction and celebration in checking off a box as they move to heavier weights or more repetitions. Whether it is as simple as crossing something off a list or a bit more like a spa day or tickets to a football game, how will you lovingly reward yourself?

If you are looking for an accountability partner for hire, contact me. Let's talk and make 2019 your most successful year ever!! Because frankly, you are worth the investment.

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About Tammey: Tammey Grable-Newton is an executive level consultant, powerful speaker and inspired author who guides others to embrace their experiences and create purpose from pain.  As a proven change agent, she has helped many organizations transition to new levels and make the necessary culture shifts that have resulted in improved workflow, a more positive and successful work environment and expanded reach. After completing her MBA at the University of Washington, Tammey was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic breast cancer. Tammey transitioned from her elite, corporate positions to a career of passion, purpose and reach.  As a remarkable professional and motivational speaker, Tammey shares her stories, lessons and perspectives with humor, candor and empathy.  Whether speaking with the board, staff, funding entities, media or the public in general, she leaves audiences inspired and with tools to achieve. 

About Taniant: Taniant is a consulting company with a passion for pairing the heart of non-profit and public sector with established business methodology for greater organizational success. Taniant can help your organization with reach new levels of success in grant writing, fund development, volunteer mobilization, community partnerships, strategic planning, operational management, process development, project management and budgeting.

Your passion is her passion and Tammey can’t wait to help you IGNITE your goals.

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