Can you really eat "anything" you want?

Can you really eat anything you want?

Look, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, I really started looking at food with a whole new perspective. I have always been one of "those" people. You know the ones... shopping at the organic markets, buying grass fed beef from a local farm, avoiding processed foods and artificial sweeteners, I didn't eat much sugar and when I did eat out, it was never "fast food." Truth is, I was probably at my healthiest when I was diagnosed, and often times had to remind my well meaning cancer care physicians that I was indeed sick, as they referred to me as a "healthy young person."

With surgery after surgery, the treatments, body modifications of reconstruction, the insertion of "foreign bodies" i.e... implants and Alloderm, limited activity, prescription medications and STRESS I packed on pounds. Over the course of two years, I had added 50 pounds. WOW. 50.

In the last year, I have been able to focus again on my health and wellness. You might be thinking, "Weren't you focused on that the whole time?" The answer is, I was focused on survival - which is entirely different. When you focus on survival, you are living in the moment. When you focus on health and wellness, you are focused on the now and beyond.

But can you really eat whatever you want?

Weight loss has been a journey and I have tried quite a few things the past year and half. What has helped? A few things. Is there a magic bullet? Not really. Do I eat whatever I want? Well yeah, pretty much. So what were the changes that lead to finally losing that weight?

Managing Stress

Cortisol does you no favors in daily life, and high levels of stress can create adrenal fatigue... all this translates into weight gain. I use a couple different tools for managing stress, such as meditation, grounding as often as possible, music and getting outside and into nature. I also laugh, a LOT!


Yes, exercise. You knew that was coming right? Here is the thing though... exercise needs to be consistent, not a massive effort. How do I mean? It doesn't have to be a commitment to P90x or crossfit, if you consistently do 10 squats while brushing your teeth every morning, you will start to see a difference in strength and shape. If you start with walking 15 minutes or a mile a day, you will see a difference. So the key here is committing to something that you know you can do consistently and successfully. No matter what the level, the only person you are working to impress is you. The only person you are trying to best, is you.


You have influence on that which you measure. Meaning: If you cant measure it, you cant attain it! BUT... Can I eat what I want?

The answer is mostly yes. They key, is making it yourself. I love the video to the right, and there is an even longer version/explanation here. Think of your favorite meal out, google a recipe for it, and then google the nutrition information for the same dish from where you usually order it. I find salads to be a real eye opener! But it is not just the calories, its the combination of fuel... I mean food... you are choosing.

I used to start my day with a meal replacement shake, but noticed I am fueled much better by an egg, meat and cheese bagel with mayo. WHOA right? In getting to know myself, I also realized that whether I eat half of said bagel or whole bagel, I am hungry again at the same time... so what is optimal fuel for my body? Half that bagel. What is optimal for you? You will need to experiment.

So.. can you use diets, tools, meal replacement shakes, supplements, etc.? Yes these are all positive tools, but they are not a lifestyle.

Why are we health conscience? Right, to improve our quality and longevity of life. Where crash diets, apps, and rigid exercise regimens begin to fail is when they become more important than the reasons we are doing them. I remember feeling so guilty and depressed because I literally ate 3 more cookies than I was "supposed to" while on a very strict diet, trying so desperately to shed the weight that i had been saddled with from the aforementioned surgical invasion of my first 13 months of fighting cancer. I was literally almost in tears... over 570 calories...

If it sounds like nonsense, well, it is. Allowing a diet or process to rob you of mental health is equally destructive as weight gain.

Tammey's Toolbox:

  • Manage stress

  • Exercise consistently

  • Set goals for weight, measurement, activity - make sure that if you are watching the scale you are also measuring, I have lost inches without a huge drop on the scale

  • Embrace cooking and real food, experiment with what works best for you and your body, ask yourself, do I feel satiated? How long did I feel fueled?

  • Reach up and reach out, find an accountability coach. I was so thankful for mine! (Yes, coaches need coaching too!)

There is nothing more powerful than working with a coach that can relate. Contact me today and let me know if I can help. You can do this!

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About Tammey: Tammey Grable-Newton is an executive level consultant, powerful speaker and inspired author who guides others to embrace their experiences and create purpose from pain.  As a proven change agent, she has helped many organizations transition to new levels and make the necessary culture shifts that have resulted in improved workflow, a more positive and successful work environment and expanded reach. After completing her MBA at the University of Washington, Tammey was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic breast cancer. Tammey transitioned from her elite, corporate positions to a career of passion, purpose and reach.  As a remarkable professional and motivational speaker, Tammey shares her stories, lessons and perspectives with humor, candor and empathy.  Whether speaking with the board, staff, funding entities, media or the public in general, she leaves audiences inspired and with tools to achieve. 

About Taniant: Taniant is a consulting company with a passion for pairing the heart of non-profit and public sector with established business methodology for greater organizational success. Taniant can help your organization with reach new levels of success in grant writing, fund development, volunteer mobilization, community partnerships, strategic planning, operational management, process development, project management and budgeting.

Your passion is her passion and Tammey can’t wait to help you IGNITE your goals.

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