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Are you consuming, or are you creating?

Most of us wake up, grab our phones or turn on the news and immediately start consuming and reacting to things going on around us. In doing so we are losing touch with the most important person in our lives, ourselves.

We live in a society of consumption, and an economy built on consumption. We live in a world that constantly reminds us that we are not enough... we are not thin enough, rich enough, educated enough, our car is not fast enough, our home is not big enough, whatever it is... we are not enough. Immediately following the declaration, you are encouraged by being told that if you were to "consume" this "thing" - or buy that "thing" we will become enough... even if but for a moment. But every “enough” is outward-looking. It’s all based on the perceptions and manipulations of others.

How do you, just you, feel about yourself?

What if you were being told that you are enough?

There is joy in creation. Simple joy. It doesn’t take a ton of money, specialized tools, or expensive products to create. When you are cooking from scratch, you are creating. When you are taking photos, coloring, sketching on the back of a napkin, writing a story, telling a bedtime story from your imagination - you are creating. Creating is liberating. Creating puts you in touch with your authentic self.

In a world that constantly reminds us that we are not enough, embrace your creativity and with authority, tell yourself you are.

Tammey's Tool Box:

Here are some ideas to help you embrace your creativity.

  • Start your day with intention. Whether that means prayer, meditation, yoga, stretching..

  • Get back to reading.

  • Color. Grab the kid's coloring book or buy your own.

  • Take photos of things you love, turn them into artwork for your home.

  • Reach out to someone in need. Whether they accept it or not, you have created an opportunity in someone else.


About Tammey: Tammey Grable-Newton is an executive level consultant, powerful speaker and inspired author who guides others to embrace their experiences and create purpose from pain.  As a proven change agent, she has helped many organizations transition to new levels and make the necessary culture shifts that have resulted in improved workflow, a more positive and successful work environment and expanded reach. After completing her MBA at the University of Washington, Tammey was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic breast cancer.

Tammey transitioned from her elite, corporate positions to a career of passion, purpose and reach.  As a remarkable professional and motivational speaker, Tammey shares her stories, lessons and perspectives with humor, candor and empathy.  Whether speaking with the board, staff, funding entities, media or the public in general, she leaves audiences inspired and with tools to achieve. 

About Taniant: Taniant is a consulting company with a passion for pairing the heart of non-profit and public sector with established business methodology for greater organizational success. Taniant can help your organization with reach new levels of success in grant writing, fund development, volunteer mobilization, community partnerships, strategic planning, operational management, process development, project management and budgeting.

Your passion is her passion and Tammey can’t wait to help you IGNITE your goals.

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